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This page highlights Open Access articles, either via the "green" route (eprints deposited in online repositories or on author sites) or via the "hybrid" route (articles in subscription journals are immediately made OA upon payment of a fee). These results were not counted in my updated JRS case study.  However, I thought it might be useful to continue recording eprints and hybrid open access articles as I come across them. In addition, author country locations are noted, in order to track the geographic patterns associated with OA article publication.


Advance Articles

"Memories, Mementos, and Memorialization of Young Unaccompanied Afghans Navigating within Europe," by Moa Nyamwathi LØnning& Ravi K S Kohli
- Authors = Norway (lead), UK

"Guiding refugee women who have experienced violence: representation of trust in counsellors’ journals," by Lotta Lehti, Simo Määttä & Minna Viuhko
- Authors = Finland

"Carving out space for equitable collaborative research in protracted displacement," by Maha Shuayb & Cathrine Brun
- Authors = Lebanon (lead), UK

"From Refugee to Resident in the Digital Age: Refugees’ Strategies for Navigating in and Negotiating Beyond Uncertainty During Reception and Settlement in The Netherlands," by Sara Miellet
- Author = Netherlands

"Refugee Settlement and Decision-Making Venue: Does Public Concern Instigate Preferences for Local Referendums? Experiences from Norwegian Cities," by Anton Steen
- Author = Norway

"Beyond the partnership debate: localizing knowledge production in refugee and forced migration studies," by Richa Shivakoti & James Milner
- Authors = Canada

"Strategies of divergence: Local authorities, law, and discretionary spaces in migration governance," by Barbara Oomen, Moritz Baumgärtel, Sara Miellet, Elif Durmus, Tihomir Sabchev
- Authors = Netherlands

"Fleeing as an Activity of Waiting: Visual Representations of the World’s Refugee Situation on Médecins Sans Frontière Sweden’s Website, by Theres Bellander
- Author = Sweden

"Informing Hard-to-reach Immigrant Groups about COVID-19—Reaching the Somali Population in Oslo," by Jan-Paul Brekke
- Author = Norway

"Between Discipline and Neglect: The Regulation of Asylum Accommodation in Spain," by Lorenzo Gabrielli, Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas & Olatz Ribera-Almandoz
- Authors = Spain

"No Longer a ‘Lost Generation’? Opportunities and Obstacles of Online and Blended Learning Programmes for Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon," by Constantin Reinprecht, Renata Suter, Bronwyn Parry & Florian Rampelt
- Authors = UK (2, incl. lead), Germany (2)

"Exploring Parenting Narratives in Asylum Seeking Populations in Sweden: Examining the Effect of Post-Migration Stress on Families through Grounded Theory," by Ellen Hedstrom, Hanna Kovshoff, Julie Hadwin & Jana Kreppner
- postprint via Liverpool Hope Univ. IR embargoed until 23 April 2023
- Authors = UK

"Gender Differences in Second Language Proficiency: Evidence from Recent Humanitarian Migrants in Germany," by Sarah Bernhard & Stefan Bernhard
- Authors = Germany

"Traversing: Familial challenges for escaped North Koreans," by Hyun-Joo Lim
- officially published online 23 March 2021
- postprint via Bournemouth Univ. IR embargoed until 23 March 2023
- Author = UK

"Business people in war times, the ‘fluid capital’ and the ‘shy diaspora’: The case of Syrians in Turkey," by Emel Akçalı & Evrim Görmüş
- postprint via Swansea Univ. IR embargoed until 11 March 2023
- Authors = UK (lead), Turkey

"Unaccompanied Girls with Precarious Odds," by Daniel Hedlund, Lisa Salmonsson & Tove Sohlberg
- Authors = Sweden

"Are Refugees Really Welcome? Understanding Northern Ireland Attitudes towards Syrian Refugees," by Cameron D. Lippard, Catherine B. McNamee
- Authors = US (lead), UK

"The Role of Expert Witnesses in the Adjudication of Religious and Culture-based Asylum Claims in the United Kingdom: the Case Study of ‘Witchcraft’ Persecution," by Katia Bianchini
- Author = Germany

"Sampling on the Dependent Variable: An Achille's Heel of Research on Displacement?," by Georgia Cole
- postprint via Univ. of Edinburgh IR embargoed until 23 Feb. 2023
- Author = UK

"Forced Migration and the Quest for Normality: Post-Migratory Experiences of Traumatized Iraqi Refugees in Norway," by Sarah P Sarpong & Marianne Opaas
- Authors = Norway

"Recovering Refugee Stories: Chilean Refugees and World University Service," by Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
- Author = UK

"Family Strategies in Refugee Journeys to Europe," by Talitha Dubow & Katie Kuschminder
- Authors = Netherlands

"Child marriage in Yemen: a mixed methods study in ongoing conflict and displacement," by Kara Hunersen, Bothaina Attal, Allison Jeffery, Janna Metzler, Tareq Alkibsi, Shatha Elnakib, W. Courtland Robinson
- officially published online as Open Access 2 Feb. 2021
- Authors = US (5 incl. lead), UK (1), Yemen (1)

"Surviving seemingly endless refugeeship—Social representations and strategies of Palestinian refugees in Ein El Hilweh," by Marco Nilsson & Dany Badran
- Authors = Sweden (lead), Lebanon (1)

"Governing Practices and Strategic Narratives for the Syrian Refugee Returns," by Zeynep Şahin Mencütek
- Author = Canada

"Fighting for Family Reunification: the Congolese Experience in São Paulo, Brazil," by Patrícia Nabuco Martuscelli
- postprint via UCL IR embargoed until 22 Dec. 2022
- Author = Brazil/UK

"Living in the Shadow of Political Decisions: Former Refugees’ Experiences of Supporting Newly Arrived Refugee Minors," by Eva Randell & Fatumo Osman
- officially published online as Open Access 17 Dec. 2020
- Authors = Sweden

"Geographical Trajectories of Refugees in Sweden: Uncovering Patterns and Drivers of Inter-regional (Im)mobility," by Louisa Vogiazides & Hernan Mondani
- officially published online as Open Access 23 Oct. 2020
- Authors = Sweden

"Living in Permanent Temporariness: The Multigenerational Ordeal of Living under Germany’s Toleration Status," by Carola Tize
- officially published online as Open Access 10 Feb. 2020
- Author = Netherlands

"Refugees Hosting Other Refugees: Endurance and Maintenance of Care in Ouzaii (Lebanon)," by  Batoul Yassine, Howayda Al-Harithy & Camillo Boano
- officially published online 10 Dec. 2019
- postprint via UCL IR embargoed until 11 Dec. 2021
- Authors = Lebanon (2, incl. lead), UK

"Refugees and Guesthood in Turkey," by Lamis Abdelaaty
postprint via ResearchGate
- Author = US

"The Affective Border: Missing Migrants and the Governance of Migrant Bodies at the European Union’s Southern Frontier," by Simon Robins
officially published online as Open Access 22 Oct. 2019
- Author = UK

"The Design, Construction and Maintenance of a SuDS Management Train to Address Surface Water Flows by Engaging the Community: Gawilan Refugee Camp, Ninewah Governate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq," by Susanne M Charlesworth, Mitchell Mctough & Andrew Adam-Bradford
- officially published online as Open Access 5 Oct. 2019
- Authors = UK (2 incl. lead), UK/Iraq (1)

vol. 34, no. 2, June 2021

"Introduction to Special Issue: Displaced Syrians," by Dawn Chatty
- officially published online as Open Access 24 Aug. 2021
- Author = UK

"'Do Like You Did in Aleppo': Negotiating Space and Place Among Syrian Musicians in Istanbul," by Dunya Habash
- officially published online as Open Access 8 March 2021
- Author = UK

"Refugees but not Refugees: The UAE’s Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis Viewed through the Lived Experience of Syrians in Abu Dhabi," by 
- officially published online as Open Access 24 Aug. 2021
- Author = UK

"The Syrian Emergency: A Catalyst for Change in the International Refugee Regime," by Jeff Crisp
- officially published online as Open Access 24 Aug. 2021
- Author = UK

"Negotiating Space for Queer-identifying Young People in a Refugee Organization: Viability, Complexities and Tensions," by Churnjeet Mahn, Ej Milne, Mayra Guzman, Farhio Ahmed & Anonymous Members of RX
postprint via Coventry Univ. IR embargoed until 17 Dec. 2021
postprint via Strathclyde Univ. IR embargoed until 17 Dec. 2021
- Authors = UK (3, incl. lead), UK/South Africa (1)

"Greece’s Discriminatory Migrant Regime: Volunteers, Informal Street-Level Bureaucrats, and Moral Rationalities," by Ashley Witcher
officially published online as Open Access 10 Dec. 2020
- Author = Netherlands

"The 'Refugee Crisis' in Europe: Shortening Distances, Containment and Asymmetry of Rights—a Tentative Interpretation of the 2015–16 Events," by Etienne Piguet
officially published online as Open Access 10 May 2020
- Author = Switzerland

"Seeking Asylum in the Digital Era: Social-Media and Mobile-Device Vetting in Asylum Procedures in Five European countries," by Maarten P Bolhuis & Joris van Wijk
- publisher PDF via VU IR (under license: Article 25fa Dutch Copyright Act)
- Authors = Netherlands

"Losing the Right to Stay: Revocation of Refugee Permits in Norway," Jan-Paul Brekke, Simon Roland Birkvad & Marta Bivand Erdal
officially published online as Open Access 24 March 2020
- Authors = Norway

"Arrhythmic Mobilities and Fragmented Mobilities: Journeys of Palestinians Seeking Safety in Sweden," by Helena Lindholm
officially published online as Open Access 3 May 2020
- Author = Sweden

"Are the Problems and Motives Clear Enough? A Study on the Placement of Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Minors at Compulsory Care Institutions in Sweden," by Mehdi Ghazinour, Arian Rostami, Malin Eriksson, Mojgan Padyab & Malin Wimelius 
officially published online as Open Access 27 Oct. 2020
- Authors = Sweden

"The Asylum Hump: Why Country Income Level Predicts New Asylum Seekers, But Not New Refugees," by Constantin Ruhe, Charles Martin-Shields & Lisa Maria Groß
officially published online as Open Access 4 March 2020
- Authors = Germany

"Refugee Crisis, Valuation of Life, and Violent Crime," by Timo Kivimäki & Leah Nicholson
officially published online 17 Jan. 2021
postprint via Univ of Bath IR embargoed until 17 Jan. 2023
- Authors = UK (lead), Canada

"Can There Be a Right of Return?," by Andy Lamey
officially published online 24 Dec. 2019
- preprint via PhilPapers
- Author = US

"The ‘Host’ Label: Forming and Transforming a Community Identity at the Kakuma Refugee Camp," by Cory Rodgers
postprint via Univ. of Oxford IR 
- Author = UK

"Refugee-Integration-Opportunity Structures: Shifting the Focus from Refugees to Context," by Jenny Phillimore
- postprint via Univ. of Birmingham IR embargoed until 12 March 2022
- Author = UK

"The Long-term Outcomes of Refugees: Tracking the Progress of the East African Asians," by Jake Anders, Simon Burgess & Jonathan Portes
postprint via UCL IR embargoed until 4 Dec. 2022
- Authors = UK

"The Effects of Limited Work Opportunities on Transitions to Adulthood among Young Refugees in Uganda and Jordan," by Wayne Shand, Lorraine van Blerk, Laura Prazeres, Badru Bukenya, Rawan Ibrahim, Janine Hunter, Aida A Essaid & Rogers Kasirye
postprint via Univ. of Dundee IR embargoed until 9 Nov. 2022
- Authors = UK (4, incl. lead), Uganda (1), Jordan (2)

"Higher Education in the Context of Mass Displacement: Towards Sustainable Solutions for Refugees," by Tejendra Pherali & Mai Abu Moghli
- postprint via UEL IR embargoed until 6 Nov. 2021
- Authors = UK

"There’s an App for That: Context, Assumptions, Possibilities and Potential Pitfalls In the Use of Digital Technologies To Address Refugee Mental Health," by Ruth Goodman, Linda Tip & Kate Cavanagh
- postprint via Univ. of Brighton IR embargoed until 19 Nov. 2022
- Authors = UK

"Research with Refugees in Fragile Political Contexts: How Ethical Reflections Impact Methodological Choices," by Lea Müller-Funk
officially published online as Open Access 4 Sept. 2020
- Author = Germany/Netherlands


vol. 34, no. 1, March 2021

"Special Section Introduction: Return, Remixing and Reconciliation after Conflict," by Rebecca Bryant & Roger Zetter
- officially published online as Open Access 5 Feb. 2021
- Authors = Netherlands (lead), UK

"Performing peace: Vernacular reconciliation and the diplomacy of return in Cyprus," by Rebecca Bryant & Mete Hatay
officially published online as Open Access 26 April 2021
- Authors = Netherlands (lead), Cyprus

"Miracles in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt and Refugees as ‘Vanguard’," by Cindy Horst & Odin Lysaker
officially published online as Open Access 13 July 2019
- Authors = Norway

"Reinforcing and contesting neoliberal citizenship: Legal advocates and the asylum interview at the US–Mexico border," by Sara Riva & Erin Routon
- Authors = Spain/Australia (lead), US 

"Challenging the Welfare System and Forcing Policy Innovation? Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children in Sweden and Germany," by Inga Narbutaité Aflaki & Matthias Freise
officially published online as Open Access 14 May 2019
- Authors = Sweden (lead), Germany

"Integration or Isolation? Refugees’ Social Connections and Wellbeing," by Alison B. Strang & Neil Quinn
- postprint via Queen Margaret Univ. IR
- postprint via Univ. of Strathclyde IR
- Authors = UK

"Conflicts and Relative Deprivation in Ein El Hilweh: Palestinian Refugees in the Shadow of the Syrian Civil War," by Marco Nilsson & Dany Badran
- Authors = Sweden (lead), Lebanon

"What Difference Do Mayors Make? The Role of Municipal Authorities in Turkey and Lebanon’s Response to Syrian Refugees," by Alexander Betts, Fulya Memişoğlu, Ali Ali
officially published online 30 March 2020
postprint via Univ. of Oxford IR
- Authors = UK (2, incl. lead), Turkey (1)

"Linking Migration Aspirations to Integration Prospects: The Experience of Syrian Refugees in Sweden," by Marco Borselli & Toon van Meijl
- Authors = Netherlands

"The Happiness of Refugees in the United States: Evidence from Utica, NY," by Paul Hagstrom, Javier Pereira & Stephen Wu
- postprint via Hamilton Coll.
- Authors = US
"The Role of Hospitable and Inhospitable States in the Process of Refugee Resettlement in the United States," by Claire Nolasco & Daniel Braaten
- preprint via Texas A&M-San Antonio IR
- Authors = US

"‘You Can’t Have a Good Integration When You Don’t Have a Good Communication’: English-Language Learning among Resettled Refugees in England," by Linda Morrice, Linda K Tip, Michael Collyer & Rupert Brown
officially published online 28 April 2019
postprint via Univ. of Sussex IR 
postprint via Univ. of Brighton IR
- Authors = UK

"How a School Setting Can Generate Social Capital for Young Refugees: Qualitative Insights from a Folk High School in Denmark," by Anne Sofie Borsch, Morten Skovdal & Signe Smith Jervelund
- postprint via Univ. of Copenhagen IR
- Authors = Denmark

"Building Resilience by Becoming a Circus Artist," by Vera Van Es, Els Rommes & Leontien De Kwaadsteniet
officially published online as Open Access 6 Nov. 2019
- Authors = Netherlands

"Distributive Justice at War: Displacement and Its Afterlives in the Central African Republic," by Louisa Lombard & Enrica Picco
officially published online as Open Access 4 March 2019
- Authors = US (lead), Spain

"Identity Struggles during Resettlement: An Ethnographic Approach of Internally Displaced Adolescent Mothers in Bogotá," by Yazmin Cadena-Camargo, Anja Krumeich, Maria Claudia Duque-Páramo & Klasien Horstman
- Authors = Netherlands/Colombia (lead), Netherlands (2), Colombia (1)

"Pity the Exiled: Turkish Academics in Exile, the Problem of Compassion in Politics and the Promise of Dis-exile," by Seçkin Sertdemir Özdemir
officially published online 1 Feb. 2019
postprint via LSE IR 
- Author = UK

"Being Hopeful: Exploring the Dynamics of Post-traumatic Growth and Hope in Refugees," by Madeha Umer & Dely Lazarte Elliot
officially published online 28 Feb. 2019
postprint via Univ. of Glasgow IR 
- Author = UK

"Educating Palestinian Refugees: The Origins of UNRWA’s Unique Schooling System," by Anne Irfan
- postprint via Oxford Univ. IR
- Author = UK

"The Paradox of the Alien Citizen? Access, Control and Entitlements of Belgian Refugees in Birmingham during the First World War," by Jolien De Vuyst, Kevin Myers & Angelo Van Gorp
- postprint via Univ. of Birminghan IR
- Authors = Belgium (lead), UK, Germany

"‘If We Hadn’t Left … We Would Have All Died’: Escaping Famine on the Greek Island of Chios, 1941–44," by Violetta Hionidou
officially published online as Open Access 6 July 2019
- Author = UK

"Refugees Who Mean Business: Economic Activities in and around the Rohingya Settlements in Bangladesh," by Mateusz J Filipski, Gracie Rosenbach, Ernesto Tiburcio, Paul Dorosh & John Hoddinott
- Authors = US


vol. 33, no. 4, Dec. 2020

"The Politics of Return: Understanding Trajectories of Displacement and the Complex Dynamics of ‘Return’ in Central and East Africa," by Anna Macdonald & Holly Porter
- officially published online as Open Access 2 April 2021
- Authors = UK

"What Happened to Children Who Returned from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda?," by Tim Allen, Jackline Atingo, Dorothy Atim, James Ocitti, Charlotte Brown, Costanza Torre, Cristin A. Fergus & Melissa Parker
officially published online as Open Access 4 March 2020
- Authors = UK (5 incl. lead), Uganda (3)

"Humanitarian Remains: Erasure and the everyday of camp life in Northern Uganda," by Kara Blackmore
officially published online as Open Access 17 Jan. 2021
- Author = UK

"Home Is Where the Heart Is: Identity, Return and the Toleka Bicycle Taxi Union in Congo’s Equateur," by Tatiana Carayannis & Aaron Pangburn
- officially published online as Open Access 2 April 2021
- Authors = US

"Les Combattants—Ideologies of Exile, Return and Nationalism in the DRC," by Norbert Mbu-Mputu & Joe Trapido
officially published online as Open Access 4 June 2020
- Authors = UK

"Pragmatic Mobilities and Uncertain Lives: Agency and the Everyday Mobility of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda," by Ryan Joseph O’Byrne & Charles Ogeno
officially published online as Open Access 12 Feb. 2021
- Authors = UK (lead), UK/Uganda

"Being Normal: Stigmatization of Lord’s Resistance Army Returnees as ‘Moral Experience’ in Post-war Northern Uganda," by Anna Macdonald & Raphael Kerali
officially published online as Open Access 4 March 2020
- Authors = UK (lead), Uganda (1)

"‘I Kept My Gun’: Displacement’s Impact on Reshaping Social Distinction During Return," by Abraham Diing Akoi & Naomi R Pendle
- officially published online as Open Access 2 April 2021
- Authors = UK

"Moving Toward ‘Home’: Love and Relationships through War and Displacement," by Holly Porter
officially published online as Open Access 5 Sept. 2020
- Author = UK

"Navigating Social Spaces: Armed Mobilization and Circular Return in Eastern DR Congo," by Koen Vlassenroot, Emery Mudinga & Josaphat Musamba
officially published online as Open Access 6 Sept. 2020
- Authors = Belgium (lead), DRC (1), Belgium/DRC (1)


vol. 33, no. 3, Sept. 2020

"‘They Say Our Work Is Not Halal’: Experiences and Challenges of Refugee Community Workers Involved in Gender-based Violence Prevention and Care in Dadaab, Kenya," by Chimaraoke Izugbara, Stella Muthuri, Sheru Muuo, Carolyne Egesa, Giorgia Franchi, Alys Mcalpine, Loraine Bacchus, Mazeda Hossain
- officially published online as Open Access 12 Oct. 2018
- Authors = Kenya/South Africa (lead), Kenya (3), UK (4)

"Integration Processes of Syrian Refugees in Turkey: ‘Class-based Integration’," by Doğuş Şimşek
- postprint via UCL IR
- Author = Turkey/UK

"‘Blood Doesn’t Become Water’? Syrian Social Relations during Displacement," by Michelle Lokot
officially published online as Open Access 7 Dec. 2018
- Author = UK

"Reluctant Refuge: An Activist Archaeological Approach to Alternative Refugee Shelter in Athens (Greece)," by Rachael Kiddey
- postprint via Oxford Univ. IR
- Author = UK


vol. 33, no. 2, June 2020

"Conflict Resolution as Cultural Brokerage: How Refugee Leaders Mediate Disputes in Uganda’s Refugee Settlements," by Sarah Vancluysen & Bert Ingelaere
- postprint via Univ. of Antwerp IR 
- Authors = Belgium

"Layered Journeys: Experiences of Fragmented Journeys among Young Afghans in Greece and Norway," by Moa Nyamwathi LØnning
- officially published online as Open Access 21 Aug. 2020
- Author = Norway


vol. 33, no. 1, March 2020

"Self-reliance and Social Networks: Explaining Refugees’ Reluctance to Relocate from Kakuma to Kalobeyei," by Alexander Betts, Naohiko Omata & Olivier Sterck
- postprint via Oxford Univ. IR
- Authors = UK

"The Kalobeyei Settlement: A Self-reliance Model for Refugees?," by Alexander Betts, Naohiko Omata & Olivier Sterck
- postprint via Oxford Univ. IR
- Authors = UK


vol. 32, spec. issue no. 1, Dec. 2019

"New Perspectives on the European Refugee Crisis. An Empirical Review. Introduction to the special issue," by Theoni Stathopoulou & Terje Andreas Eikemo
- postprint via NTNU IR embargoed until 27 Dec. 2022
- Authors = Greece (lead), Norway

"Safety, Health and Trauma among Newly Arrived Refugees in Greece," by Theoni Stathopoulou, Lydia Avrami, Anastasia Kostaki, Jennifer Cavounidis & Terje Andreas Eikemo
- postprint via NTNU IR
- Authors = Greece (3, incl. lead), Norway (1)

"Non-communicable Diseases among Refugee Claimants in Greek Refugee Camps: Are Their Health-care Needs Met?," by Signe Smith Jervelund, Oda Nordheim, Theoni Stathopoulou & Terje Andreas Eikemo
- postprint via NTNU IR embargoed until 28 Dec. 2021
- Authors = Denmark (lead), Norway (2), Greece (1)

"Asylum-seeking Parents’ Reports of Health Deterioration in Their Children since Fleeing Their Home Country," by Christopher Jamil De Montgomery, Theoni Stathopoulou & Terje Andreas Eikemo
- postprint via NTNU IR embargoed until 27 Dec. 2021
- Authors = Denmark (lead), Greece (1), Norway (1)

"Gender, Parenthood and Feelings of Safety in Greek Refugee Centres," by Frida Bjørneseth, Martin Smidt & Jakub Stachowski
- postprint via NTNU IR embargoed until 27 Dec. 2021
- Authors = Norway

"European Asylum Policies and the Stranded Asylum Seekers in Southeastern Europe," by Marko Valenta, Moa Nyamwathi Lønning, Jo Jakobsen & Drago Župarić-Iljić
postprint via NTNU IR
- Authors = Norway (3, incl. lead), Croatia (1)

"Media Framing Dynamics of the ‘European Refugee Crisis’: A Comparative Topic Modelling Approach," by Tobias Heidenreich, Fabienne Lind, Jakob-Moritz Eberl & Hajo G Boomgaarden
- officially published online as Open Access 27 Dec. 2019
- Authors = Austria

"Identifying Refugees and Other Migrant Groups in European Large-scale Surveys: An Explorative Analysis of Integration Outcomes by Age Upon Arrival, Reasons for Migration and Country-of-birth Groups Using the European Union Labour Force Survey 2014 Ad Hoc Module," by Erling F Solheim & Daniel La Parra-Casado
- preprint via Alicante Univ. IR
- Authors = Norway (lead), Spain

"Effects of the Refugee Crisis on Perceptions of Asylum Seekers in Recipient Populations," by Lise Lund Bjånesøy
- officially published online as Open Access 28 Dec. 2019
- Author = Norway


vol. 32, no. 4, Dec. 2019

"The Discursive Governance of Forced-Migration Management: The Turkish Shift from Reticence to Activism in Asia," by Umut Korkut
- officially published online 24 Dec. 2018
- postprint via GCU IR 
- Author = UK


vol. 32, no. 3, Sept. 2019

"Participatory Visual Research with Displaced Persons: ‘Listening’ to Post-conflict Experiences through the Visual," by Sanne Weber
- officially published online 20 July 2018
- postprint via Univ. of Birmingham IR
- Author = UK

"Prejudice-relevant Correlates of Attitudes towards Refugees: A Meta-analysis," by Misha Mei Cowling, Joel R Anderson & Rose Ferguson
- officially published online 21 Aug. 2019
- preprint via ResearchGate
- Authors = Australia


vol. 32, no. 2, June 2019

"Humans and Animals in a Refugee Camp: Baquba, Iraq, 1918–20," by Benjamin Thomas White
- officially published online 14 May 2018
- postprint via Univ. of Glasgow IR
- Author = UK

"Islam, the State and Turkey’s Syrian Refugees: The Vaiz of Bursa," by Tim Jacoby, Roger Mac Ginty & Bülent Şenay
- officially published online 19 May 2018
- postprint via Univ. of Manchester IR
- Authors = UK (2, incl. lead), Turkey (1)

"Erosion of Meaning in Life: African Asylum Seekers’ Experiences of Seeking Asylum in Ireland," by Rebecca Murphy, Brian Keogh & Agnes Higgins
- officially published online 5 June 2018
- preprint via Trinity College Dublin
- Authors = Ireland

"Being a Father in My New Society: A Qualitative Study of the Fathering Experiences of Men from Refugee Backgrounds Resettled in Australia," by Gilles Forget, Ignacio Correa-Velez & Mike Dee
- officially published online 22 Aug. 2018
- postprint via QUT IR
- Authors = Australia


vol. 32, no. 1, March 2019

"Entrepreneurial Refugees and the City: Brief Encounters in Beirut," by Mona Harb, Ali Kassem & Watfa Najdi
- officially published online 1 Feb. 2018
- postprint via Univ. of Sussex IR
- Authors = Lebanon (2, incl. lead), UK (1)

"The Legal Rights of Religious Refugees in the ‘Refugee-Cities’ of Early Modern Germany," by Benjamin J. Kaplan
- officially published online 6 March 2018
- postprint via UCL IR
- Author = UK


vol. 31, no. 4, Dec. 2018

"The Management of Time and Waiting by Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Girls in Finland," by Ravi K S Kohli & Mervi Kaukko
- officially published online 7 Dec. 2017
- postprint via Univ. of Bedfordshire IR
- Authors = UK (lead), Australia

"Afghan Refugee Journeys: Onwards Migration Decision-Making in Greece and Turkey," by Katie Kuschminder
- postprint via EUI IR
- Author = Netherlands

"Talking about the Past, Locating It in the Present: The Second Generation from Refugee Backgrounds Making Sense of Their Parents’ Narratives, Narrative Gaps and Silences," by Alice Bloch
- postprint via Univ. of Manchester IR
- Author = UK


vol. 31, no. 3, Sept. 2018

"Hospitality as a Horizon of Aspiration (or, What the International Refugee Regime Can Learn from Acehnese Fishermen)," by Anne Mcnevin & Antje Missbach
- officially published online as Open Access 12 March 2018
- Authors = US (lead), Australia (1)

"Boundaries and Belonging in the Indo-Myanmar Borderlands: Chin Refugees in Mizoram," by Kirsten McConnachie
- officially published online 13 March 2018
- postprint via Univ. of Warwick IR
- postprint via Univ. of East Anglia
- Author = UK

"Interfaces and the Politics of Humanitarianism: Kachin Internal Displacement at the China–Myanmar Border," by Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho
- officially published online 23 March 2018
- postprint via faculty page on National Univ. of Singapore site
- Author = Singapore


vol. 31, no. 2, June 2018

"The Local Refugee Match: Aligning Refugees’ Preferences with the Capacities and Priorities of Localities," by Will Jones & Alexander Teytelboym
- postprint via Univ. of Oxford IR
- Authors = UK

"Everyday Justice for the Internally Displaced in a Context of Fragility: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)," by Carolien Jacobs & Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa
officially published online as Open Access 16 Oct. 2017
- Authors = Netherlands (lead), DRC/Netherlands (1)

"Bifurcation of Mobility, Bifurcation of Law. Externalization of Migration Policy Before the EU Court of Justice," by Thomas Spijkerboer
officially published online 8 Dec. 2017
- publisher PDF via VU IR (under license: Article 25fa Dutch Copyright Act)
- Author = Netherlands


vol. 31, no. 1, March 2018

"Beyond Labelling: Rethinking the Role and Value of the Refugee ‘Label’ through Semiotics," by Georgia Cole
- postprint via Univ. of Oxford IR
- Author = UK


vol. 30, no. 4, Dec. 2017

"Being a Refugee University Student: A Collaborative Auto-ethnography," by R. Student, Kathleen Kendall & Lawrence Day
officially published online 17 Feb. 2017
postprint via Univ. of Southampton IR
- Authors = UK

"The Politics of Food and Hospitality: How Syrian Refugees in Belgium Create a Home in Hostile Environments," by Robin Vandevoordt
- officially published online 5 May 2017
- postprint via Univ. of Antwerp IR
- Author = Belgium


vol. 30, no. 3, Sept. 2017

"Humanitarian Sentiment and Forced Repatriation: The Administration of Hungarians in a Post-War Displaced Persons Camp," by Luke Kelly
- postprint via Univ. of Manchester IR
- Author = UK

"Identifying the Needs of Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Children in Thailand: A Focus on the Perspectives of Children," by Paradee Thoresen, Angela Fielding, Sue Gillieatt & Stian H. Thoresen
- postprint via Curtin Univ. IR
- Authors = Australia


vol. 30, no. 2, June 2017

"Exile, Refuge and the Greek Polis: Between Justice and Humanity," by Benjamin Gray
- officially published online 20 Aug. 2016
- postprint via Birkbeck Univ. of London
- Author = UK

"Hospitality, Protection and Refuge in Early English Law," by Tom Lambert
officially published online 26 Aug. 2016
postprint via Univ. of Cambridge IR
- Author = UK

"The Dawn of International Refugee Protection: States, Tacit Cooperation and Non-Extradition," by Phil Orchard
officially published online 23 April 2016
preprint via ResearchGate
- Author = Australia


vol. 30, no. 1, March 2017

"'Barahunga Amahoro - They are Fleeing Peace!' The Politics of Re-displacement and Entrenchment in Post-War Burundi," by Andrea Purdeková
- officially published online 23 Aug. 2016
- postprint via Univ. of Bath IR
- Author = UK

"Goals without Means: A Mertonian Critique of Australia’s Resettlement Policy for South Sudanese Refugees," by Ibolya Losoncz
- officially published online 5 Dec. 2015
- postprint via Australian National Univ. IR
- Author = Australia

"Classed Landscapes of Care and Belonging: Guardianships of Unaccompanied Minors," by Katrien De Graeve
- officially published online 11 Aug. 2015
- postprint via Ghent University IR
- Author = Belgium


vol. 29, no. 4, Dec. 2016

"Asylum in Austere Times: Instability, Privatization and Experimentation within the UK Asylum Dispersal System," by Jonathan Darling
- officially published online as Open Access 26 Dec. 2016
- Author = UK

"Bulgaria’s Response to Refugee Migration: Institutionalizing the Boundary of Exclusion," by Nevena Nancheva
- officially published online 25 Sept. 2016
- postprint via Kingston Univ. London IR
- Author = UK

"Threatened or Threatening? How Ideology Shapes Asylum Seekers’ Immigration Policy Attitudes in Israel and Australia," by Daphna Canetti, Keren L. G. Snider, Anne Pedersen & Brian J. Hall
- officially published online 23 July 2016
- free to read via PubMed
- Authors = Israel (2, incl. lead), Australia (1), Macau/US (1)


vol. 29, no. 3, Sept. 2016

"Unpredictability, Invisibility and Vulnerability: Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Minors’ Journeys to Australia," by Mariana Nardone & Ignacio Correa-Velez
officially published online 8 Dec. 2015
postprint via Queensland University of Technology IR
- Authors = Australia


vol. 29, no. 2, June 2016

"Community After All? An Inside Perspective on Encampment in Haiti," by Alice Corbet
- officially published online 30 Dec. 2015 
- preprint via HAL SR


vol. 29, no. 1, March 2016

"Chilean Exiles, Reconciliation and Return: An Alternative View from Below," by Shirin Hirsch
- officially published online 21 Aug. 2015
- postprint via Univ. of Manchester IR
- Author = UK


vol. 28, no. 2, June 2015

"Stuck in Transit: Secondary Migration of Asylum Seekers in Europe, National Differences, and the Dublin Regulation," by Jan-Paul Brekke & Grete Brochmann
- officially published online 30 Sept. 2014
- postprint via Norwegian Institute for Social Research IR
- Authors = Norway

"Forced Up or Down? The Impact of Forced Migration on Social Status," by Isabel Ruiz, Melissa Siegel & Carlos Vargas-Silva
- postprint via Univ. of Oxford IR
- Authors = UK (2, incl. lead), Netherlands (1)

"Studying Refugee Settlement through Longitudinal Research: Methodological and Ethical Insights from the Good Starts Study," by Celia McMichael, Caitlin Nunn, Sandra M. Gifford & Ignacio Correa-Velez
officially published online 29 June 2014
- postprint via Durham University IR
- Authors = Australia

"Home is Where the Heart Is? Forced Migration and Voluntary Return in Turkey’s Kurdish Regions," by 
- postprint via Univ. of Adelaide IR
- Authors = Canada (2, incl. lead), UK (1)


vol. 28, no. 1, March 2015

"'He's a Cracking Wee Geezer from Pakistan': Lay Accounts of Refugee Integration Failure and Success in Scotland," by Steve Kirkwood, Andy McKinlay & Chris McVittie
officially published online 21 March 2014
- postprint via Queen Margaret University
postprint via Univ. of Edinburgh IR
- Authors = UK

"To 'Promote, Protect and Ensure': Overcoming Obstacles to Identifying Disability in Forced Migration," by Laura Smith-Khan, Mary Crock, Ben Saul & Ron McCallum
officially published online 7 July 2014
preprint via SSRN
- Authors = Australia


vol. 27, no. 4, Dec. 2014

"Wither Policy? Southern African Perspectives on Understanding Law, ‘Refugee’ Policy and Protection," by Loren B. Landau & Roni Amit
- officially published online 28 June 2014
- preprint via SSRN
- Authors = South Africa

"International Refugee Law and Refugee Policy: The Case of Deterrence Policies," by Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
officially published online 30 Sept. 2014
preprint via SSRN
- Author = Denmark


vol. 27, no. 3, Sept. 2014

"Gender, Securitization and Transit: Refugee Women and the Journey to the EU," by Alison Gerard & Sharon Pickering
officially published online 27 Oct. 2013
postprint via Charles Sturt Univ. IR
- Authors = Australia

"'I am a Widow, Mother and Refugee': Narratives of Two Refugee Widows Resettled to Australia," by Caroline Lenette
officially published online 9 Dec. 2013
postprint via Griffith Univ. IR
- Author = Australia

"Local Currencies: A Potential Solution for Liquidity Problems in Refugee Camp Economies," by Brent Ranalli
officially published online 9 Dec. 2013
preprint via ResearchGate
- Author = US


vol. 27, no. 2, June 2014

"Durable Solutions as Reparation for the Unjust Harms of Displacement: Who Owes What to Refugees?," by James Souter
- officially published online 19 Nov. 2013
- postprint via White Rose IR

"Transnational Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: The Participation of Conflict-generated Diasporas in Addressing the Legacies of Mass Violence," by Huma Haider
- officially published online 10 April 2014
- preprint via Univ. of Birmingham IR
- Author = UK


vol. 27, no. 1, March 2014

"(Un)Governable Subjects: The Limits of Refugee Participation in the Promotion of Gender Equality in Humanitarian Aid," by Elisabeth Olivius
officially published online 30 May 2013
postprint via Umeå University IR
- Author = Sweden

"Civic and Ethno Belonging among Recent Refugees to Australia," by Farida Fozdar & Lisa Hartley
officially published online 15 Oct. 2013
postprint via Curtin University IR
- Authors = Australia